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answer to Quiz No 201 SPECIAL: #LeeSeungGi 's character Sun woo Hwan from Brilliant Legacy- 찬란한 유산 -Shining Inheritance a) Study in a COLLEGE! b) had a sister Seon woo-jeong ! 9)worked in His grandmas factory ! d)what was his grandma's restaurant special recipe is meat soup! e)gave a amulet to Go Eun-sung (Han Hyo-joo) ? Synopsis Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) is a simple and beautiful girl. At the age of six, after her mother died of illness, she lived with her father and younger brother. When her father was remarried in high school, Eun Sung had a younger sister, Cheng Mi (played by Moon Chae Won). The stepmother, Bai Sung-hee, is a deep-seated woman in the city. On the surface, she cares for Eun Sing's sister and brother, but behind her, she is thinking about Eun Sing's father's property. Eun Sing's father suddenly faced a bankruptcy crisis. Eun Sing's father could not stand the blow and passed away. All his property was taken away by his stepmother, and Eun Sing and his younger brother were on the streets. By chance, Eun Sing joined the sincere food company, and finally succeeded after a rough experience, and got his own love. 퀴즈 No 201 SPECIAL에 대한 답변 : #Brilliant Legacy의 이승기 캐릭터 선우환- 찬란한 유산 -Shining Inheritance a) 대학에서 공부하십시오! b) 선우정 자매가 있었다! 9) 그의 할머니 공장에서 일했습니다! d) 할머니의 식당 특별 요리법은 고기 수프였습니다! e) 고 은성 (한효주)에게 부적을 주었습니까? Synopsis 은성 (한효주)은 심플하고 아름다운 소녀 다. 6 살 때 어머니가 병으로 돌아가신 후 아버지와 남동생과 함께 살았습니다. 아버지가 고등학교 재혼했을 때 은성은 여동생 청미 (문채원 분)가 있었다. 계모 백성희는 도시의 깊은 자리에 앉아있는 여성이다. 겉으로는 은싱의 남동생을 아끼고 있지만 뒤에는 은싱의 아버지의 재산을 생각하고있다. 은싱의 아버지는 갑자기 파산 위기에 직면했다. 은싱의 아버지는 그 일격을 참지 못하고 세상을 떠났다. 그의 모든 재산은 계모에 의해 빼앗 겼고, 은싱과 그의 남동생은 거리에 있었다. 우연히 은싱은 성실한 식품 회사에 입사 해 힘든 경험 끝에 마침내 성공 해 자신의 사랑을 얻었다. Source: official Lee Seung Gi homepage, lsgfan, tryp96, ,YouTube, Asian wiki , ,TWITTER FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM FAN PAGES, Lee Seung Gi airen WordPress , THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE QUIZ. DISCLAIMER: THIS MUSIC VIDEO IS PURELY FAN MADE AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY AND ARE NON-PROFIT. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! MUSIC AND VIDEO RIGHTS BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS/COMPANIES



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