Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen Notice

To Lee Seung Gi

October 21, 2017

Welcome Back Lee Seung Gi

울 스타의 전역 축하 사진 많이 궁금하셨죠?
드디어 울 스타의 지하철 광고 이벤트가 모두 오픈됐답니다.
기다렸던 만큼 많이 좋아해주시고 환영해주세요.


Were you waiting for the subway advertisement notice of our star?

Finally, the subway advertisement event is revealed today. 

We hope you are happy and enjoy it as you've waited! 

Here's the BIG clues in locating our handsome Seung Gi~ 

1. Wide Screen 

2. Screen Door

3. Digital Poster 


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August 19, 2019

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