[Guide] Ticket Purchase - イ・スンギThe Brilliant Show/李昇基日本精彩秀

[IMPORTANT NOTICE] The registration for the Brilliant Show has closed on 28.01.2013.

[重要公告] 李昇基韩国粉丝团与世界爱人网(Paypal转帐)团购在28/01/2013截止了。

Hi Worldren,

(日本のファン) 3/29 イ・スンギブリリアントショー5期アイレン枠チケット情報

リンクをクリックしてください: http://www.leesgkorea-world.com/src/bbs/board.php?bo_table=sub0201&wr_id=2555

Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen will be assisting 2013 Official Fanclub Member (The 5th Airen) on the ticket purchase.

Lee Seung Gi's Official Fanclub (The 5th Airen) managed by Hook will be also be collating orders on ticket purchase.

All applications will be submitted together and seating arrangements will be decided by Frau International. The seats will be allocated randomly.

Please take note that as the seat allocation will not be in sequential order, request of seating with friends is not accepted. We seek your understanding.

Official Fanclub Member's Seat is expected to be allocated from front followed by the general sign-up.

Please liven up the event atmosphere by cheering for Lee Seung Gi~

As we have liaised with Frau, they have agreed to accept applications. Thus, without any further delay, we will start the registration.

你好,李昇基韩国粉丝团与世界爱人将会协助官方粉丝俱乐部的会员<第5期> 购买日本活动《李昇基的精彩秀》的票。第5期官方粉丝俱乐部也将会开始团购。全部表格及数额将会一起提交。座位将会是由Frau International安排,将被随机分配的形式进行。因为座位安排不靠顺序安排,想与朋友一起坐的要求我们无法接受。请您谅解。座位将会是由前(官方粉丝俱乐部会员)到后(大众)。


我们已与Frau接洽,他们也已经同意让我们代接受申请表格及付款。我们将开始报名活动啦~ ~ ~

Lee Seung Gi Korea with World Airen - Purchase of Tickets

Please read carefully the terms and instructions below. (请仔细阅读条款及条件)

Requirements: Official Fanclub Member (The 5th Airen) who is able to make a Paypal Transaction. One ID limit to One ticket.

条件:官方歌迷俱乐部会员(第5期爱人),能用贝宝(Paypal)付款。(一个ID只能购买一 张票)

Lee Seung Gi - The Brilliant Show (李昇基的精彩秀) Date: 29 March 2013 (Friday) (日期: 2013年3月29日 (星期五)) Time: 6:30pm (JST) starts [Doors open at 5:30pm (JST)] (时间: 6.30pm (日本时间) - 5pm可以入场) Venue(地点): Pacifico Yokohama (横滨) It will be a MINI LIVE Concert + Talk (内容: 小型演唱会+脱口秀)

Ticket Price: SGD150 (价格: 150新币)

Note: The ticket price include estimated admin and bank charges and are converted from Japanese Yen to SGD.

(注意事宜:门票价格包括预算管理, 银行手续费和新日元的汇率。)

Payment Instructions (付款指示)

Step 1: Please make a paypal transfer to lsg_singapore@yahoo.com

第一部:请用贝宝(Paypal)付款 - 给帐号: lsg_singapore@yahoo.com

Guide on Paypal Method:


Step 2: It is important to fill up the payment verification form after you made the paypal transfer:


(Unable to view, click here - 以上表格没显示吗? 请点击: http://leeseunggisingapore.wufoo.eu/forms/lee-seung-gi-the-brilliant-show-in-japan-z7x2z1/ )


After verifying your payment and form, we will update the status at this notice. 工作人员将确认转帐数额和表格。当确认完毕,我们将会把你的ID刊登上公告贴通知你手续完成。

Details of collection of tickets will be announce later. 领取门票的详情将稍后公布。

We will not be accepting your payment or form after 28.01.2013, 2pm (KST). 截至日期: 28.01.2013, 2pm (KST)

Thank you.



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