[Activity] Lucky Draw: Congratulations to Worldren!

Hi Worldren,

It was the 7th day of Lunar New Year on 02/16. The seventh day, traditionally known as Rénrì (人日), is the day when everyone grows one year older. Since is everyone birthday, we decided to have a special giveaway. Thank you for purchasing Seung Gi's limited edition 5.5th (mini) album on 02/16 and 02/17.

We did a random draw for the top 4 prizes.

We would like to congratulate the winners.

Lee Seung Gi's Tumblr (Hope Concert 2012's merchandise) x 1

Winner: YanNi (Singapore) - Tumblr

The Best CD + Poster x 3

Winner: 5. 청포* (Korea) - The Best CD + Poster Winner: 8. Desy.W (Thailand) - The Best CD + Poster Winner: 12. Hiromi.I (Japan) - The Best CD + Poster

Lee Seung Gi's hand fan x 8

1. **리스 (Korea) 2. Do Thi Thanh (Singapore) 4. Pin Pin (Singapore) 6. Shinichio.W (Japan) 7. Nemo (USA) 9. 천년** (Korea) 10. sere**** (Korea) 11. Cynthia.C (Singapore)


Lucky Draw's Prizes will be mail after Pre-order close.

Please keep the orders coming in!~~

Together, we can achieve!

Thank you!

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