[Activity] Results of 1st Worldren Singing Contest!


Contestants / 参赛者


1. Dita (Indonesia) 2. Ayhu Wahyuni (Indonesia) 3. Sara (El Salvador) 4. Elif Cebeci (Turkey) 5. Lee Jong Min and Angelica Netzahualcoyotzi (Korea and Mexico)

6. Adelia Vicanatalita Susanto (Singapore)

7. Leslie Joy A. Vizcarra (Philippines)

8. Dita (Indonesia)

9. Kinkie Ma (China - Guangdong)

10. 2妞 (China - Shanghai)

11. YanNie (Singapore)

12. Rizki Komalasari (Indonesia)

13. Benita Kung (Taiwan)

14. Fransiska Kurniawan (Indonesia)

15. Celin Dion (USA)

16. Mona (Indonesia)

17. Rosi (Indonesia)

18. Sze San (Malaysia)

19. Jessica Chan (China - Hongkong)

20. Zainab (Indonesia)

21. Kimberly Marie (Philippines)


1st Worldren's Singing Contest - 1st Place!


Congratulations!! 恭喜!!

10. 2妞 (China - Shanghai)


All votes are counted and verified 3 times.



Record and sing one part of his song. (During contest, name and country of the singer will NOT be disclose). Worldren are to based on the audio they listened and leave a "secret" comment to vote for your favourite singer based on the audio (1 vote only).

唱并录制一小段。(比赛期间, 我们将不会提到爱人歌手姓名和国家)。

单凭音讯档案,世界爱人(Worldren)将留 "secret-秘密" 评论投票给她们喜欢的爱人歌手。

In order to ensure voting results are accurate and reliable, the contest is just and fair.


LSGKWA's Criterias/LSGKWA设立了一些标准:

(1) Worldren Invalid vote: New sign up on the same date and vote on the same day and never login the following 3 days).

(2) As the Singing Contest is based strictly on audio, The Singer's name and country was not mentioned. We trust that singers are not to reveal their song number to any Airen for voting.

(1) 在同一天注册LSGKWA并在同一天投票,接下来的3天从未登入 = Worldren无效投票。 (2) 这唱歌比赛一开始就列出不提到歌手的名字和国家,单凭音讯档案来投票。我们相信歌手也不向外界透露他们的歌曲号码。


Thank you for participating!! We hope you have fun!

Please look forward for 2nd Worldren's Singing Contest!

谢谢你的参与!我们希望你玩得开心! 第二届世界爱人(Worldren)歌唱比赛,敬请期待!

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