[Notice] ☆☆☆중요☆☆☆ 투표관련입니다!!

March 15, 2013

이승기korea with world airen은 

한국과 해외 여러국가의 아이렌들이 함께하는 공간입니다.


아시다 시피 이승기korea with world airen대표의 

5기 임원후보가 계신것도 아니구요.


이곳이 보다 프리하게 열린공간으로 이용되길 바라는 마음으로

임원후보들의 유세를 허락하였으며 중립을 지켜온 입장이였으나

특정후보를 지지한것으로 잘못된 오해들도 있는것 같네요.


불미스러운 오해들로 월드아이렌이 구설수에 오르는것 같아서

후보들의 선거유세글을 일체 금지합니다.



월드아이렌의 투표참여 독려 및 투표관련 메신저 또한 자제함을 알려드립니다. 



☆☆☆IMPORTANT☆☆☆ Airen5's Voting-related Announcement

이승기korea with world airen is a space for all Korean and Overseas Airens.
이승기korea with world airen did not send out a representative and is not representing any candidate for 5th Airen executive committee election.

We hope that this place will remain as an open space. If posts regarding the election were allowed, even if its a neutral stand it could be misunderstooded as we are supporting a particular candidate.

Hence, any articles or posts that seems to be campaigning for candidates or could lead to misunderstandings are prohibited.

We sincerely hope that Worldren who are taking part in the voting should also refrain from posting voting-related content including encouraging airen to participate to vote.

Thank you.


☆☆☆重要☆☆☆ Airen5期投票相关公告





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