Lee Seung Gi 6th Album Promotional Support Events

안녕하세요 월드렌... 잘지내고 있죠?

더운 여름 이승기님의 6집 [그리고...]를 들으며 즐거운 시간 보내고 있나요?

월드렌 여러분들의 도움으로 승기님의 6집 음악방송 써포트를 무사히 마쳤습니다.

이번 음악방송 써포트는 이승기팬연합으로 다함께 준비했습니다.

1,2차 연습실 야식. 뮤직뱅크, 인기가요. 우리를 행복하게 했던 유희열의 스케치북 그리고 오늘 아침 달달한 목소리와 노래로 우리 맘을 설레게 했던 김영철의펀펀투데이 라디오 방송까지요.

이승기팬엽합으로 함께 준비한 음악방송 써포트를 함께 보실까요?





1、2次の練習室夜食。ミュージックバンク、人気歌謡。 私たちを幸せにしたユ・ヒヨルのスケッチブックあと今日の朝、やさしい声と歌で私たちの心を逸らせた金英徹(キム・ヨンチョル)のポンポントゥデイラジオ放送まで・・・。


Hi Worldren,

Did you enjoy listening to Lee Seung Gi's 6th album [And...] this hot summer?

We have helped to complete Worldren's 6th album promotional support events smoothly.

This support is prepared together with the rest of the other fanclubs and communities. We known this as Lee Seung Gi Fan Union.

We were grateful and happy that we carried out 1st and 2nd practice supper. Music Bank, Inkigayo.

Then followed by YHY's Sketchbook, then Kim Young Chul funfuntoday's Radio Show.

Ok~ Shall we take a look at Lee Seung Gi 6th Album Promotional Support events that we did together?

이승기 팬엽합 아이렌 써포트

음악방송 연습 1차 (2015년 6월 9일)

Lee Seung Gi Fan Union Event

Meal for 1st Music Broadcast Practice (9 June 2015) - 20 pax

이승기 팬엽합 아이렌 써포트

KBS 뮤직뱅크 (2015년 6월 12일)

Lee Seung Gi Fan Union Event

KBS Music Bank (12 June 2015) - 200 sets

이승기 팬엽합 아이렌 써포트

SBS 인기가요 (2015년 6월 14일)

Lee Seung Gi Fan Union Event

SBS Inkigayo (14 June 2015) - 170 sets

이승기 팬엽합 아이렌 써포트

음악방송 연습 2차 (2015년 6월 15일)

Lee Seung Gi Fan Union Event

Meal for 2nd Music Broadcast Practice (15 June 2015) - 23 sets

이승기 팬엽합 아이렌 써포트

유희열의 스케치북 (2015년 6월 16일)

Lee Seung Gi Fan Union Event

Meal for YHY Sketchbook (16 June 2015) - 150 sets

이승기 팬엽합 아이렌 써포트

SBS라디오 김영철의 FUN FUN TODAY (2015년 7월 10일)

Lee Seung Gi Fan Union Event

Meal for SBS Radio Show Kim Young Chul FunFunToday (10 July 2015) - 8 sets

Are you feeling hungry looking at all the pictures? hahaha!

We would like to thank you all for your support. Even though most Worldren are not in Korea...when comes to support, you are always giving the best and doing all you can. We are always moved by your strong and firm support. Everyone plays a part in making all the above events a success. For this, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you gifts for support are the in the making. We apologise that it is taking abit of time because we hope to do our best even though is just a little token from us to you. Last but not least, a shoutout to the many countries who have purchased 6th albums from us~~ You are amazing! We received orders from all over the world..Korea, Japan, USA, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkey, Ecuador, Argentina, Malaysia and even Hong Kong too! Thank you for all the support and let us continue to move together and look forward to another exciting project together! ^^ Till then, please continue to share and talk at our forum and your country page. Keep all the information and discussion coming in!!!

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