Event Summary: Goonghap Movie Support (Part 4)

궁합 대박 기원 복권: “”없는 복권

Wishing Goonghap Big Success (Daebak) Lucky Draw

바쁜 촬영장에서At the busy filming site 식사 후 소소하게 즐길거리가 없을까 고민하다 생각한 We wanted to create some fun which everybody can enjoy without any worry “궁합 대박 기원 복권” "Wishing Goonghap Daebak Lucky Draw" event came along

현장에서 반응이 너무 좋았던 복권… The event was well-received and everyone had fun... 울 승기님도 스태프들이 너무 재미있어 하셨다며 Seung Gi told us that all the staff had so much fun 직접 만든 정성에 한 표를 보낸다고 하셨다지요. ^^ He also complimented Worldren for preparing this segment. ^^ 복권 상품은 우리 승기님의 광고제품들로 Lucky Draw Prizes were brands endorsed by Seung Gi 소소하게 준비하였습니다. The gifts have been prepared beforehand and was ready for the event.

스태프들도 승기님도 Seung Gi and the staff 복권판 앞으로 와서 자신의 번호를 직접 뜯어 came to the Lottery Board and grab the numbers 상품을 확인해보기도 하고.. They also came and checked out the prizes that were displayed on the table... 당첨된 선물이 무엇이었냐와는 관계없이 The gifts were in different shapes and sizes 서로의 선물을 점치기도 하면서 They tried to predict who gets what 식사서포트가 끝날 때까지They stayed till the end of the support event 즐거움의 환호성은 멈추지 않았답니다.. Their cheers and laughters didn't stop at all.

궁합 대박 기원 복권판 Wishing GoongHap Daebak Lottery Board 말리커피 예가체프 Marley Coffee items and etc 에이버리 화장품 Avery Cosmetics 페리오 카카오프렌즈 치약 Perioe Kakao Friends Toothpaste Set 그리고 1등 상품인 쉐펠 패딩 And the Grand Prize was Schoffel Padding Jacket

사실 이 패딩이 Actually, the padding jacket 원래는 스태프 선물이었답니다. supposed to be a lucky draw prize for the staff. 그런데 복권판에 번호가 몇 개 안 남았는데도But there was only a few numbers left on the board 1등 상품이 계속 남아 있는 거에요. and no one has yet to win the grand prize. 스태프들도 승기님도 Seung Gi and all the staff 누가 1등 상품을 가져갈 지 무척 궁금해했죠. was also wondering who could be the winner of this grand prize. 결국 한 스태프가 Finally, one staff came up with an idea 테이블위의 복권을 모두 가져와 He gathered all the remaining numbers on the table 봉투에 넣고 흔들었죠. placed them in an envelope bag and started shaking it. 그리고 한 명씩 뽑기 시작했어요. Everyone gathered and started to pick one number at a time again. 여러 명이 뽑았는데도 Everyone started picking a number again 1등 상품은 나오지 않았고…Still, there isn't a winner for the grand prize. 옆에서 지켜보던 승기님이Seung Gi who was watching from aside “저도 뽑아도 되나요??” "Should I pick a number too??" “그럼요.. 승기님도 뽑으세요” "Of Course... Seung Gi, you should pick a number", we replied. 사실… Actually... 승기님은 뽑기 전부터 Before Seung Gi picked a number again. “나 알 것 같아… 1등이 87번이야” "I was thinking.. the number with the grand prize could be number 87." ㅋㅋㅋ hahaha 우리 승기님 Our Seung Gi 아이렌들의 마음을 너무 잘아시는거죠. ㅎㅎ He knows Airens' mind too well. hehe 그리고는 And so 봉투 속으로 손을 넣어 쑥 뽑으셨는데.. He placed his hand in the envelope bag which has all the leftover lottery numbers. 헉….. Oh...OMG 바로…Straight away... . “87번” Number 87 was picked up by him. 주변 스태프들 모두 주최측의 농간이라며 Everyone who has picked a number earlier and was hanging around 어떻게 그럴 수가 있냐고… It was unbelievable...How can this be possible... 난리가 났었죠. There was an uproar. Everyone went crazy. 현장에서 보던 우리들도 We were at the venue... 믿어지지 않던 순간…ㅋㅋㅋ We couldn't believe our eyes too... hahaha 우린 마구 박수를 쳤죠. We started clapping enthusiastically.... 대박이라고 외치면서요…while cheering Daebak..... 어쩌겠어요…. What should we do… 우리 승기님이 운이 좋으신 것을…ㅋㅋㅋ SeungGi was so lucky…hahaha

ㅎㅎ hehe

그 행운의 복권이랍니다..And so here's the lucky winning ticket

익숙한 사인이 보인다고요??? Does the signature looks familiar to you??? 네네. 대박 행운의 승기님 사인입니다. Yes yes. Autograph on the ticket from Daebak Lucky Seung Gi.

사실 주최측의 농간은 따로 있었죠??? Actually, the organiser managing the segment has did something else???

궁합의 숫자 “9” Goonghap Number “9”

이건 주최측의 농간 맞아요.We did this beforehand. 빨간 하트와 함께 한 “9”번 복권을 Number 9 ticket with a red heart 승기님 테이블위에 놓아드렸지요. was placed on his table during the initial 1st lottery draw.

식사를 마치신 후 승기님께서 After Seung Gi had his lunch, 테이블에 놓여 있던 것이라며 He took the ticket that was placed on his table 복권을 들고 부스로 오셨답니다. and came over to the lottery board booth . “9”번 복권… Number “9” 승기님 상품은 멋진 페도라였죠. Seung Gi got himself a nice and stylish Fedora.

울 승기님 완전 좋아하시고.. Seung Gi was very happy with this prize.. 잘 어울린다는 소리에It looks good on him 공항 한 번 나가야겠다고 하시며 He said he would like to bring it to the airport to show off as an airport style. 그 자리에서 바로 머리에 쓰시고 He wore it immediately on the spot 사진을 찍도록 포즈를 취해주기도 하셨답니다. He posed with it and let us took some shots.

울 승기님 페도라 쓰시고 Seung Gi wore his Fedora 스태프들의 복권을 받아주시기도 하고 while helping to tend the lottery board booth 번호표를 떼어 상품도 알려주시며 He helped to remove the ticket number on the board and handed the gift to staff 잠시 동안 즐거운 시간을 가졌답니다. He had a great time.

감독님 말리커피 당첨되셨네요. Director Hong won a set of Marley Coffee's gift

식사하시며 Over lunch 승기님 복권에 좋은 선물이 있을 것 같다며 He told us that he felt Seung Gi's number would be a daebak gift. 바꿔야겠다고 농담하셨는데.. And jokingly said that he would like to swap number with Seung Gi. 바꿔드리지 못해 죄송했어요. We didn't allow the switch and we felt really sorry about it.

감독님이 제일 좋은 것이 되면In fact, staff feels that they would not have much fun 스태프들이 재미없어 한다는 조언에 따라 if director has a fancy one. 9번 상품을 제외하고는 다 랜덤으로 돌렸답니다. Hence, we arrange all the prizes randomly except Prize number 9 hehe

이용녀 배우님 We would like you to meet Actress Lee Yongyea 에이버리 “샤벳 클린저”랑 “페리오 치약” 당첨되셨네요. She has won a Avery "Sherbet Cleanser" and Perioe Toothpaste" 바로 못 알아봐서 죄송했어요. We were sorry that we didn't know about this beforehand. 60여 마리의 유기견을 보살피는 60 abandoned dogs 마음 따뜻한 배우님… were taken care by this warm-hearted actress. 함께 해서 고맙습니다.Thank you for joining us. 앞으로도 응원하겠습니다.We would like to wish you the very best in your future endeavors.

[복권탄생은 이렇게…] Behind-the-scene story about the Lucky Draw

이게 뭘까요?? Did you know what this was?

크리스마스 포장지랍니다. It is a Christmas repeat pattern wrapping paper. 그 포장지를 오려..We cut the patterns out.. 우드락 작업을 해서 Placed it on a thicker paper

요렇게 산타클로스 할아버지를 만들었죠. made these little Santa Claus.

뚝딱…And then... 작은 카드형의 복권케이스가 만들어졌네요..Little Lucky Draw Card was created.

시간이 그리 뚝딱은 아니었다는 함정이. ㅎㅎ It took us quite abit of time.. actually.. hehe

Our final instalment of the support event! Part 5! Do look forward to what Seung Gi got to say to Worldren!

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