Event Summary: Goonghap Movie Support (Part 5)

Countries (Korea, Japan, Singapore, USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Argentina, Ecuador) who have supported this Movie Support has wrote a message to Seung Gi representing their countries airen. The messages were written in this cute little marital culture cards of different races. We hope Seung Gi enjoys reading them and like the cards.

Thank you Worldren for the encouragements, lovely comments and active participation to this event. ^^

영화 “궁합” 월드렌 서포트 승기님 사인 Seung Gi’s Autograph for the Movie “GoongHap” Support organised by Worldren

To Worldren

My beloved worldren who always cheer for me even from afar, thank you so much!

I want to meet each and every one of you!

I hope for a chance to spend time with you.

Be healthy always, and let's stay together in the future as well!

길다면 길고 It's long 짧다면 짧은… It's short... 영화 “궁합”월드렌 서포트 포스팅을 마칩니다. We finally come to the end of the Worldren's Goonghap support event posting.

승기님에게는 무엇이든 좋은 것만 해드리고 싶은 것이 우리의 마음인데요. We always want to give the best to Seung Gi 그 마음이 조금이나마 승기님에게 전해졌으면 좋겠다 생각했습니다. hoping that he would feel our love even if is just abit. 그런데 울 승기님은 이미 알고 계신 것 같네요. And it seems that we have did it. 서포트 당일.. On the day of the support.. 엄청 즐거워하시고 기분 좋으셨거든요. He looked really very happy and he truly enjoyed himself. 10년 만에 이런 서포트는 처음이라며 현장에서도 다들 놀랐던… The first in 10 years..Everyone was amazed about the fan support. It is was one of their first in this industry for them. 그 대단했던 서포트에 함께 해주신 Everyone who have came together for the support 월드 아이렌 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Worldren. 여러분이 아니었다면 이 서포트는 불가능했겠지요…This event would not be as successful without your help and support. 웬열 캡 멋진 월드아이렌 Super awesome Worldren (World Airen), 정말 정말 고맙구 사랑합니다. Thank you so much and love you all. 앞으로도 함께 해요.. Let’s stay together now and forever..


P.S: We are sorting out the thank you gifts with the respective country representatives. We will get it mail to you soon. We hope you like them. Do share with us if you receive them by mentioning us on twitter and hashtag #lsgkwa haha!

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