Event Summary: Goonghap Movie Support (Part 2)

도윤카페 오픈 Event : “커피차” 무제한 이용 Opening of Do Yoon Cafe's Event: Unlimited “Coffee Truck” Service

도윤카페 오픈 이벤트로 Opening of Do Yoon Cafe's Event at Coffee Truck 도윤커피 주문시When you order Do Yoon's Coffee 설렘 추가 There is excitement 사랑 추가 There is love 행복사이즈로 업해 준다는 커피차입니다.. A happy Coffee and Tea upsize..

“오늘의 연애”때부터 연이 되어 We have worked with the Coffee Truck's owner during "Love Forecast" Support 함께 하게 된 사장님들께서 잘 준비해주셨네요. They have prepared and supported this event well.

예쁘죠??? Isn't it pretty???

이번 컨셉은 미리 크리스마스입니다. It was Christmas concept. 센스있죠??? ㅎㅎ Good sense?? ㅎㅎ

커피맛 금하면 일루 석하세요~

Come and join us if you wonder the taste of coffee~

울 월드렌님들은 승기님만 보면 셀레고 사랑이 마구 넘쳐나고 행복해지죠? We, Worldren become very excited, more lovely and happier when we get to see things with Seung Gi on?

일본 월드렌님이 가져온 과자와

싱가포르 월드렌님이 직접 만드신 수제 파인애플 타르트 Japan Worldren prepared the snacks and brought it over from Japan and Singapore Worldren baked pineapple tarts and brought it over from Singapore.

말리 커피~~ Marley Coffee~~ 승기님 서포트엔 At Seung Gi's Support Event 당근 필수아이템이겠죠? A must-have item, isnt it?

이번 월드렌 스티커입니다. This is the Worldren sticker.

함께 하는 궁합 스탭분들께 For Goonghap staff, 좋은 문구 드리고 싶었어요. ^^ We wish to convey an encouraging and good phrase. ^^

그 마음 하나로 With a grateful heart towards the Goonghap Team 직접 연습하고 쓴 One of the Worldren put in alot of effort and have been practicing 월드렌님의 첫 작품이랍니다. We came up with our first calligraphy.

요 사진은 이미 많이 보셨죠?? Have you already seen this picture?

울 승기님이 드셨다는아이스 아메리카노… Ice Americano which Seung Gi had…

월드렌님들 복받았습니다. Worldren was blessed.

울 승기님이 아이스아메리카노를 드실만큼날씨가 아주 좋았답니다. The weather was good as we served Seung Gi a good cup of Ice Americano.

하늘도 도와주는 승기님과 월드렌입니다. Even the weather was helping Seung Gi and Worldren.

많은 스태프분들행복해하시며 커피차 많이 이용하셨다고 합니다. Many staff enjoyed their beverages at the Coffee Truck.


[커피와그랬대 서포트 후기] Coffee truck support report

이제부터가 진짜죠?? Should we go into our main agenda??

승기님의 멋진 모습들 함께 보실까요??? Should we look at some lovely pictures which Seung Gi has took for Worldren???

두 분 모두 멋지셔서 어디에 포커스를 맞춰야 할지 잠깐 고민했답니다. We got alittle confused on where to place our focus on because both of them look so awesome.

멋진 가죽자켓에 배기 바지 Nice leather jacket with baggy style pants 편안하게 꾸민듯 안꾸민듯 멋진 Comfortable yet stylish looking 이런 모습의 승기님을 자주 보긴 힘들겠죠??? It is probably not that often we get to see this kind of Seung Gi's style?

멋지게 포즈 취해주시는 승기님인데…Seung Gi giving a nice pose for the camera… 저 품속으로 달려가고픈 아이렌들 Worldren would probably jump into his arms... 완전 많을 듯 하네요…… 하하 Many will be word if we need to count.... haha

Event Summary 3 coming up!

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