[Notice] Lee Seung Gi 12th Debut Anniversary Support Event

이승기 데뷔 12주년 기념 써포트 안내

안녕하세요 월드렌!!! 모두 건강히 잘 지내고 있는 거죠?(은근슬쩍 승기님의 말투를~~ ㅎㅎ) 변함없이 이승기님과 월드아이렌을 응원해주심에 감사드립니다. 이승기님의 데뷔 12주년 기념 써포트를 팬연합으로 진행하게 되었습니다. 월드아이렌에서도 힘을 모아 함께 하기로 하였고요. 2월1일 입대 후 최선을 다해 군복무 성실하게 하고 있는 멋진 승기님께 우리 모두의 마음을 모아 응원해 드리자고요... 아자 아자 이승기 파이팅!!!!

☀ 모금 계좌: 국민은행 478702-01-240040 김민주(월드아이렌) ☀ 모금 기간: 2016년 5월 21일 ~ 2016년 5월 31일 ☀ Paypal account: mbyeol0113@gmail.com


◉ 모금에 참여해주시는 월드아이렌들을 위해 작은 선물도 준비 중입니다. 곧... 바로... 준비 중인 선물에 대해 추가 공지 올리겠습니다... 감사합니다.♥

◉ 참.. 월드아이렌님들께 깜짝 선물~~ “이승기 엽서 세트”를 보냈습니다. 멋진 승기님의 사인과 승기님 부대 주소도 예쁘게 적혀 있을꺼에요. 항상 감사드립니다...

◉ 생일 써포트 공지로 올렸던 “승기님 사인이 있는 87번 쿠폰”은 일본에 있는 월드아이렌님이 받게 되었음을 알려드립니다. (단체모금이라 나라만 공지합니다.) 이승기 데뷔 12주년 써포트 선물로도 “승기님 관련 물품” 을 제공할 생각입니다..

승기님 물품을 가질 수 있는 기회에 꼭 도전해 보세요.

Hello Worldren! How have you been? You must have been missing Seung Gi alot, just like us! Even though you are spending time with your loved one, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude towards you for your continuous support and encouragement to Seung Gi and World Airen community.

You might have notice that June is approaching us in a very short time. Do you remember the lucky date that our beloved guy debut for the first time? Did you got it right? Yes! It is 5th June!

This year, it will be Seung Gi 12th year in the entertainment industry. It has been an amazing 12th year isn't it? He has worked so hard on all his projects, the songs which gave us strength, the dramas which made us cry, the variety shows which made us laugh so hard, the CFs which made our day, the list goes on~

Even though Seung Gi is currently serving his duty as an active soldier, Airen around the world has always take every opportunity to express his love for him. We have helped to send in so many letters to him after you have emailed it to us previously. There were moments that we were moved to tears, looking at those words you have wrote to him.

We have been updated regularly on how we can do things together for him. Here is another great chance to come together to show your support and let him know that we did not forget about him at all~

Together with official fanclub and other fanclubs and communities, we will be working together as one to do something together. Let us briefly walk you through. We will gathering all our support, to deliver care package to Seung Gi and his peers in the military. It is his 12th Debut Anniversary and as you know, he always like to share his blessings. We planned to deliver a package filled with love and thoughtful items which will benefit everyone in terms of health, fitness and leisure. We hope the package will express our appreciation and encouragement towards them. We will be also coming together to setup a book cafe (library). We hope with this facility, it would benefit everyone for a long time which we believe Seung Gi definitely root on it. Are you feeling excited already? Let's get together to cheer for Seung Gi!

Fund raising info Account :Kookmin bank 478702-01-240040 Kim minjoo (world Airen) PayPal: mbyeol0113@gmail.com Period of fund raising: 21 May to 31 May 2016

Fill out the form after you have made a fund transfer


In addition, we are currently preparing a small gift for all participants who participated in this support. We will probably be publishing a short notice and reveal what it is when we have got the gift ready.


Surprise Gift for Worldren - Some of you might have received a set of postcards with Seung Gi's autograph on it. It also come with Seung Gi's current armybase address. We wanted to cheer you on even though there isn't much activity going on. Some of you might not receive it yet because the country staff are trying to sort them out and will send to you soonest.

No.87 Lucky Draw Coupon for Birthday Support which Seung Gi has signed on it - Congratulations to one of the Japan Airen!

That's all for now. Do join us to show our support and love for Seung Gi! We will hope you will like the litte gift for 12th Debut Anniversary! haha!

Thank you, Worldren! Always together~

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