Event Summary: Valentine Day and Album Release Surprise Event

2017년 발렌타인데이 & 앨범 발매 기념 깜짝 이벤트

월드렌! 잘 지내고 있나요? [The History of Lee Seung Gi] 속 멋진 사진과 감성 가득한 노래에 이승기 상병님을 향한 그리움이 더 커진 것은 아닌지요?오늘은 발렌타인데이와 앨범발매 기념으로 진행되었던 깜짝 이벤트에 대해 안내 드리려고 합니다.

Worldren, how have you been? Our longing seems to even bigger toward corporal Lee Seung Gi with his wonderful pictures and songs full of emotion from the latest album, The History of Lee Seung Gi.

This time, we would want to update you about the surprise event for valentine day and releasing album.

[향기로운 내무반을 위한 발렌타인데이 이벤트]

1. 화이트 초콜릿을 품은 딸기 [Valentine Event for the Barracks] 1. Sweet White Chocolate in Strawberries

2. 정월대보름 부럼 깨기

3. 커피캡슐 초콜릿 폭탄을 맞으실 듯 하여 달달 초콜릿 대신 쌉싸름한 커피를 보내드렸습니다. 막 출시된 [셀렉션 빈티지 2014]를 포함 가장 선호도가 높은 베스트 5종으로 구성하여 보내드렸습니다.

2. Healthy Jeongwol Deaboreum Break Nuts

Keeping in shape is probably one thing on his mind always. We have handpicked some healthy snacks for him to munch.

3. Coffee Capsule We thought Seung Gi would probably get tons of chocolate on this special day, hence we have prepared relatively bitter coffee to go along with them. We have delivered the most popular 5 types of coffee capsules including the 2014 vintage selection which was released just recently.

4. Body Care Set We have prepared nice fragrance bodycare set for Seung Gi's army camp colleagues. We hope that through this soothing and nice fragrance, it would help to relieve training fatigue. This will probably make the whole barrack team smell good and earn a new nickname, fragrant barracks. haha!

앨범 발매 기념 깜짝 이벤트

승기님의 매력 넘치는 보이스로 감성을 자극하는 노래들을 담은 우리를 행복하게 해주는 최고의 선물~ [The History of Lee Seung Gi]

군복무중인 이승기 상병님과 함께 생활하시는 대대원들에게도 얼른 보내드리고 싶은 마음에 준비했습니다.

1. [The history of Lee Seung Gi] 베스트 앨범

2. 커피캡슐 이번엔 최고의 베스트 캡슐 위주에 디카페인, 룽고, 생산지별 커피도 함께 보내드렸습니다. 한정판매제품인 “셀렉션 빈티지 2014” 는 2월말에 달려가 미리 2박스 구매해 두었답니다.

3. 커피와 어울리는 달달 카스텔라

Album Release Surprise Event

The best gift to us this year would definitely be Seung Gi's latest release, The History of Lee Seung Gi. We were surprised that Seung Gi have this plan for us and that we get to listen to Seung Gi's attractive voice through the USB instead of CD. Those pictures in the diary that made our heart skip a beat.

We wanted to celebrate the new release of Seung Gi's album. Hence, we decided to prepare and surprise Seung Gi and his army colleagues.

We prepared a nice combination of items and have delivered it quietly and carefully. We hope everyone in the army will like it and that it convey Worldren's grateful and happy hearts.

1. The History of Lee Seung Gi Album 2. Coffee Capsule, making sure there is a large varieties to choose from when visiting the library that all our airen has setup together. We have sent the best selling capsules with decaf, longo, and various different capsules from each producing areas. We also gotten in advance another 2 boxes of limited edition " 2014 Vintage Selection" in late february. 3. Sweet Castella (sponge cake) harmonized with coffee well. Coffee, Castella and Seung Gi's songs...

커피와 카스텔라 그리고 울 승기님의 노래… 최고의 “궁합” 아닌가요? 하하하 인스타에 하나씩 올라오는 사진과 글을 보니 많이 뿌듯하고 좋네요. 이상병님도 많이 좋아하셨을 거에요.. 그리고 많이 고마워하셨을 거고요.. ^^ 함께라서 즐거운 깜짝 이벤트에 마음 모아 주신 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사 드립니다.

이상병님과 다시 시작하는 가을까지 쭉~~ 함께 하실거죠?

Aren't they the best combination? We were so happy to see postings from them on Instagram. We are sure that Corporal Lee is also very happy, proud and appreciative of our gesture. ^^

Thank you all who have put your hearts together for these surprise event.

We think we are ready. Are you? Shall we stay together until this fall and begin a brand new chapter with Corporal Lee again?

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