Event Summary: Interim Report of Lee Seung Gi Birthday and Hwayugi Drama Support

1301 Birthday & 드라마 [화유기] 현장 서포트 참여 결과 안내 

월드아이렌 안녕하세요~ 

드라마 [화유기] 현장 서포트 소식 많이 궁금하셨죠? 

Hello Worldren~ Have you been waiting to hear from us about [Hwayugi] Support Event?  서포트 준비한다고 며칠 밤을 새우고 늦은 저녁부터 다음날 새벽까지 진행된 현장 서포트 참석 후 다들 기절모드 돌입했네요. 너그러운 양해 부탁드립니다. ^^

Our support event took place in a late evening till early morning next day. To ensure everything run smoothly at the site, supporters and LSGKWA staff stayed up for several nights to prepare for the event and almost passed out after the support. We seek your understanding why the report of the support on SNS came late. Here's an interim report to update everyone. ^^

먼저 울 스타 승기님의 생일이야기부터 할게요. 

First of all, shall we talk about our World Star Seung Gi's birthday? 

1. 생일축하카드 (Birthday Card) 

A simple birthday card to convey all our well-wishes which include the birthday website address ( www.lsgkwa.com/1301). The birthday website allows him to take his time to read before bed and in between of his filming. Thank you Worldren for participating in the birthday event.  

2. 한우세트(No.9) + 미역

Premium Korean Beef Set (Marbling No.9) & Dried Seaweed from Ulsan 

소중하고 소중한 우리의 스타 이승기님 어떤 것을 준비해 드려야 좋아할까 고민 고민 하다가 많이 바쁜 울 스타가 드실 생일 미역국 재료 준비해드렸습니다. 가족들과 함께 맛있게 드셨기를 바래봅니다. 

많이 바쁜 울 스타가 드실 생일 미역국 재료를 준비하여 12일 전달해드렸습니다. 

After thinking for awhile what to prepare for our precious World Star for his birthday, we decided to get ingredients of the seaweed soup (miyeokguk) for his birthday. 

Miyeokguk (미역국), 미역/miyeok means seaweed and 국/guk means soup. It is a tradition that Korean commonly eat it on their birthday. (Miyeok/seaweed is a super food as it contains a great source of calcium, iodine, fibre, omega acids, vitamin B1 & B3, while low in calorie. It helps with metabolism, blood circulation, detoxification, anti-carcinogen, anti-aging and much more.) 

What's a meal without protein? Does it sound familar? hehe

We have selected premium korean beef to go with the seaweed soup.  

We hope he have delicious seaweed soup with his family on his special day. We have delivered the ingredients on the eve of his birthday. 

3. 애플망고 & 딸기 (Apples, Mangoes and Strawberries) 

Big juicy apples and mangoes were prepared to celebrate this special occasion. We hope Seung Gi replenish lots of vitamins despite his busy schedule. Not forgetting, his favourite fruit. Strawberries! This time, we got him a new type of strawberries. Even though is way lighter in colour but the content is sweeter. Isn't it interesting? We know he is going to love it just as much as he love his worldren ^^ 

4. 카스텔라 인절미 

Castella injeolmi (Korean Traditional Rice Cake) 

Instead of a birthday cake, we gave him a traditional rice cake this year. We hope he enjoy and gain alot of strength and love from it.  

그 외 다른 선물은 드라마 [화유기] 현장 서포트 당일 전해드렸습니다. 

All the other gifts were presented to Seung Gi on Hwayugi Support day.   

많이 궁금했을 #월드아이렌 야간 촬영 간식 서포트 간단 안내드려요. Here is a brief interim report about the recent late night support which Worldren did together for #Hwayugi Drama. 간식의 대명사 김.떡.순에서 다른 메뉴를 고민하다 선택한 #한우스테이크 #랍스타 #쉬림프 #챠슈라멘 #씨앗호떡 #타코야끼 #츄러스 그리고 커피까지 평범하지 않은 선택의 결과는 대 성공이었습니다. We took some time to work on the special menus besides the common snacks menu kimbab, dokbokki, and sundea (aka Kim-Dok-sun) that usually served. Our menu includes Korean beef steak, lobster, shrimp, chashu ramen, seed pancake(hotteok), takoyaki, churros and coffee. These were uncommon snack but were very well-received (big hit). 

우리의 스타 승기씨도 랍스타와 스테이크를 푸드트럭에서 보다니 하시면서 놀라셨으니까요 ㅋㅋ 이정도면 월드아이렌 메뉴선택이 신의 한수인 거 맞는 거죠?ㅋㅋ 물론 스탭 분들도 모두 엄지척 해주셨답니다. Our World Star, Lee Seung Gi was totally surprised to see lobster and steak on food truck. It is really a great choice, right? Definitely! Staff have gave thumbs up to our menus.

그리고 우리의 이스타 승기씨가 흘려주신 고급 정보.... 월드아이렌이 준비한 랍스타&스테이크가 화유기 소품으로 방송에 나온답니다... And here's the exclusive spoiler that our World star, Seung Gi has revealed to us...The lobster & steak that Worldren has prepared this time will be a prop in Hwayugi. Please look forward to it and open your eyes widely to catch on the screen when you watch Hwayugi. hehe

월드아이렌들 화유기 방송 볼 때 눈 크게 뜨고 봐주세요... ㅎㅎ 캡쳐본 올리시는 월드아이렌들 있다면 센스쟁이들... . 빡빡한 촬영 시간에도 모두 나오셔서 맛있게 드시고 월드아이렌이 준비한 선물까지 꼼꼼히 다 챙기시며 '최고다'라는 감사인사까지 받으니.... 그동안의 정신적인 고민과 체력적 한계에 도전한 월드아이렌 서포트 팀 '아 다행이다 ''라는 생각에 안도의 눈물 쬐끔 흘린 건 비밀~ Everyone at the filming site came to pay a visit at the support site despite the busy filming schedule. Everyone ate well. The staff also show gratitude for the gift that we have prepared for them. They thanked and praised us saying "You guys are the best!"

Actually LSGKWA support team had been going through quite a tough and difficult time mentally and physically while preparing this support but after seeing all these good response, we shed tears with relief~

그리고 ... 아무 사고 없이 무시히 서포트 마칠 수 있었던 것은 기약 없는 기다림 속에 3일전 확정날짜 받고 차근차근 준비하고 있었음에도 불구하고 서포트 날까지 밤을 새워 준비해주신 서포트 도우미분들과 서포트 당일 사진 한 장 없었음에도 무소식이 희소식이라는 마음으로 기다려주시고 마음 모아주신 월드아이렌 모든 분들 덕분입니다. 감사합니다. But above all.. We could only complete this support well with everyone effort: all the support helpers who prepared everything one by one until the last day and stood through all night although the support date was only confirmed 3 days before the event. And all world airens who have been patiently waited to hear from us even though there wasn't a pictures or news. 월드 아이렌 모든 분들 예뻐~ 사랑하니까!!! Worldren, You are all pretty~ Because we love you!!! 현장에서 보니 화유기팀 모두 많이 바쁘시더라고요 화유기의 모든 배우, 스텝 여러분 촬영 끝나는 날까지 건강하게 촬영하시기를 바래봅니다. 화유기 화이팅!!!! We realised how busy it was at Hwayugi filming site when we were there. We hope all actors and staff in Hwayugi are in good health until the drama wrap-up. Hwayugi fighting!!!! 자세한 포토 후기는 coming soon~~ Detail support report with pictures coming soon~~ For now, let's admire his message to all Worldren first.