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드라마 <화유기> 2차 서포트 및 영화 <궁합> 서포트 공지

월드아이렌! 매력넘치는 손오공에 빠져~  매주 업로드 해주는 울 스타 인별에 빠져~  매일매일 행복하게 보내고 있나요? 

우리를 행복하게 했던 매력 넘치는 손오공을 볼 날도 불과 2주정도 밖에 남지 않았네요. ㅠㅠ 보내기 너무 아쉬운 우리의 손오공에게 힘내시라고 맛난 식사 한 번 더 챙기려고 합니다. 날짜는 확정되지 않았으나 2월말쯤으로 생각하고 있습니다. 

행복감이 많았던 만큼... 손오공에 대한 아쉬움이 큰 만큼... 더 진하게 마음 모아보자고요. ^^ 

그리고...  곧 우리 곁으로 다가오는 서도윤... 울 스타의 영화 <궁합>  기다림이 길었던 만큼 더 열렬히 응원해주고 싶네요. 

☆ 모금계좌: 국민은행 478702-01-240040 김민주(월드아이렌) ☆ Address : 5th FL, Kookmin Bank Bldg, 84 Namdaemun-RO, Jung-gu, SEOUL, KOREA ☆ SWIFT CODE : CZNBKRSEXXX ☆ TEL: +82-10-8713-8529  ☆ Paypal account: mbyeol0113@gmail.com

♥ 드라마 <화유기> 2차 서포트 모금기간 : 2018년 2월 19일 ~ 2월 23일 ♥ 영화 <궁합> 서포트 모금기간 : 2018년 2월 26일 ~ 3월 2일

※ 모금 기간은 짧지만 월드아이렌들을 믿고 진행합니다.  ※ 서포트에 참여해 주시는 모든 분들에게 감사의 선물을 드립니다. (3월 배송예정)

[클릭 후 작성해주세요] https://airen.wufoo.eu/forms/lee-seung-gi-2nd-drama-support-movie-2018/

1. 스페셜 선물    - 1차 드라마<화유기>서포트 참여자 중 5명   - 2차 드라마<화유기>서포트 참여자 중 5명   - 영화 <궁합> 서포트 참여자 중 5명

2. 감사의 선물   - 1차, 2차 서포트 참여자 : 2차 서포트 결과 공지와 함께 발표   - 영화 궁합 서포트 참여자 : 포토카드 & 포토티켓

언제나 함께 해주시는 월드 아이렌 모든 분들께 진심으로 감사드립니다. 월드 아이렌은 언제나 승기님과 함께 합니다.

Hello World Airen!

Have you been having many happy days with attractive Son Oh Gong and weekly instagram update from our star? It's only 2weeks left to see our awesome Son Oh Gong who has been making us happy. We will be preparing one final drama support, providing an ultimate energy booster from the world to cheer for our Son Oh Gong. The exact support date hasn't been confirmed but it might likely to happen around end feb. As much as our happiness from Son OhGong, as much as our sadness to bid him goodbye... let's gather all our many many hearts. ^^ OhGong heard the threat of Seo Do Yoon~ HAHAHA!

Seo Do Yoon is coming to us..Yay!

After months of filming and worldren cheering during that period of time, Our World Star's movie <GoongHap> is finally releasing this February. *Applause*

We hope to be able to gather all our strength in the movie release and encourage him just like what we did during the movie support for filming which he mentioned during his movie press conference (Starts from 3:08) that he was so grateful to have all his fans to cheer for him.

Here's a recap of Worldren Movie Support when Seung Gi is filming Goonghap. ^^

Part 1: Today’s Big Event Meal Support…“Help yourself with Seo DoYoon Chance Card.” Part 2: Opening of Do Yoon Cafe's Event: Unlimited “Coffee Truck” Service Part 3: "Love for Goonghap grows stronger each day" - Gifts of Love Part 4: Wishing Goonghap Big Success (Daebak) Lucky Draw Part 5: Seung Gi’s Autograph for the Movie “GoongHap” Support organised by Worldren 

In an earlier episode of Master in the House, he asked the Birch Tree if the tree could hear him and what the tree thought about him. And just like the birch trees, we stand tall, provide him shelter and be his strongest pillar. We will support him together right? hehe And what do we thought about him? He is our hardworking, cool, handsome World Star! Actually the list can go on hahaha but we just stop here =p

We are at our final lap for two important events happening this February~~ Let's join and gather all our strength!  ☆ Bank Account: Kookmin Bank 478702-01-240040

☆ Bank Account Holder Name: Kim min-ju (World Airen) ☆ Address : 5th FL, Kookmin Bank Bldg, 84 Namdaemun-RO, Jung-gu, SEOUL, KOREA ☆ SWIFT CODE : CZNBKRSEXXX ☆ TEL: +82-10-8713-8529

☆ Paypal account: mbyeol0113@gmail.com

Please fill out the form after you have made a fund transfer so that we can verify it. Please avoid filling up duplicate form. Any corrections or typos, please email us at lsgworldren@gmail.com 

[Click the link to fill out the form] https://airen.wufoo.eu/forms/lee-seung-gi-2nd-drama-support-movie-2018/

❤️Drama <Hwayugi> 2nd Support

Period: 2018, 19 Feb ~ 23 Feb ❤️Movie <GoongHap> Support 2018

Period: 2018, 26 Feb ~ 2 Mar ※ Even though the period is short, we know we can all do it together. ※ Every contributor will receive a thank you gift. (To be shipped in March) 1. Special Gift - randomly selected - 5 Contributors in 1st support for <Hwayugi> - 5 Contributors in 2nd support for <Hwayugi> - 5 Contributors in support for <GoongHap> 2018 2. Thank You Gift - 1st and 2nd Support Contributors: We will reveal the gift during our Event Summary for 2nd Support - <GoongHap> Support 2018 contributors: Photo Card & Photo Movie ticket  Thank you for being with us and we really appreciate all the Airen around the world who always readily extending their support all the time. 

No matter what happen, World Airen will always be with Seung Gi.  At the end, Thank you once again and best wishes in the New Year. 

List of countries participating in the support

Lee Seung Gi Japan: Link to be provided later

Lee Seung Gi USAiren: Link to be provided later

Lee Seung Gi Singapore: http://www.leeseunggi-sg.com/2018/02/lee-seung-gi-2018-movie-support-and-2nd.html 

Lee Seung Gi Thailand: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=778184325712124&id=129507837246446

Lee Seung Gi Turkey: https://leeseunggiturkeyairen.wordpress.com/2018/02/20/etkinlik-duyurusu2ci-drama-destek-ve-2018-film-destek-etkinligi/

Lee Seung Gi Philippines: Link to be provided later

Lee Seung Gi Indonesia: Link to be provided later

Lee Seung Gi Vietnam:  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1589254894455980&id=143930738988410

Lee Seung Gi Ecuador: https://m.facebook.com/notes/lee-seung-gi-ecuador/drama-movie-support/1841899119153635/

Lee Seung Gi: Argentina: https://www.facebook.com/notes/lee-seung-gi-argentina/proyecto-drama-movie-support/2203666902980579/

Lee Seung Gi Russia: https://vk.com/seunggi?w=wall-26795511_26237

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