Event Summary: Hwayugi 2nd Drama Support + Movie Pre-Sale Support

드라마 <화유기> 2차 서포트 & 영화 <궁합> 예매 서포트

집사부일체 승기님을 보셨나요? 

잘생김과 멋짐을 더해가는 울 승기님 때문에 신나게 웃다가도 깜짝깜짝 놀란답니다. ㅎㅎ

오늘은 드라마 2차 서포트와 궁합 예매 서포트에 대한 결과 공지입니다.

Have you been watching 'Master in the House'?  I’m sure we can't help laughing and being happy watching our SeungGi who is getting handsome and sweet day by day. ㅎㅎ

Here is the event summary for Hwayugi 2nd drama support and 'The Princess and the Matchmaker' Goonghap Movie Pre-Sale Support on movie tickets. 


1차 서포트를 간식으로 진행했던 월드아이렌은 이번엔 당연히 뷔페일 것이라 믿고 준비했는데 변수가 많은 현장상황상 이번에도 간식서포트로 진행하였습니다. 

In our 1st Hwayugi support, Worldren did a snack support together.  For the 2nd support, we have been hoping that we could do a meal support which many countries have been looking forward to. Due to unforeseen changes to the filming schedule and venues, we have been assigned a snack support again. Despite the disappointment, all the countries came together and put in effort to do a heartwarming support event once again. We have engaged food trucks for:

1.   커피차 Coffee Truck 2.   츄러스 Churros Truck 3.   살치불초밥 Aburi Wagyu Beef Sushi Truck 4.   야키소바 + 오뎅탕 + 오코노미야키(승기님스태프) Fried noodles + Fish cake soup + Okonomiyaki (For Seung Gi’s staff)

5.   Singapore Snacks (Mixed Nuts, Peanuts, Salted Egg Potato Chips) + Taiwan Snacks (Wan Wan "All things good" Rice Cracker) 


1.   오난코리아 보조배터리 Hwayugi Limited Edition Portable Battery <오늘의연애> 스태프선물로 대박 났던 보조배터리를 다시 한 번 준비했습니다. 오랜 시간 촬영장에 있는 스태프들에게 꼭 필요한 선물이기 때문이죠. 

After receiving daebak feedback for Movie Support <Love Forecast>, we have prepared portable battery once again. We felt it is a practical item as staff could use it during outdoor filming or on the go while travelling to one location to another. 

2.  영화 <궁합> 예매권  Movie <The Princess and the Matchmaker> Tickets 영화 <궁합> 예매권을 화유기 촬영 스태프들에게 1인 2매씩 선물했습니다. 화유기 촬영 마친 후 즐거운 관람 되셨으리라 믿어봅니다. 150 staff received a pair of movie tickets. Staff has enjoyed a good movie with their loved one after the drama wrapped.

3.   복주머니와 로또복권 2018년 복 많이 받으시라고 직접 접은 복주머니에 복권 1장씩 재미로 넣어드렸습니다.  당첨되면 울 승기님께 술 사드려야 한다고 했는데…^^  예쁘게 복주머니를 접어 준 월드아이렌 고마워요. 복 받으실거에요. 

As the support event took place during korean festive season and chinese lunar new year, we placed a lottery ticket in handmade paper fortune pouch, wishing them a great year ahead in 2018.

We told them to buy Seung Gi a drink if they won. ^^ Thank you Korean Worldren for folding the fortune pouch beautifully. You'll be blessed.

 4.   육공이 마카롱 6060 Macarons 육공이 캐릭터로 무언가를 만들고 싶어 마카롱을 만들었네요.  직접 만들어준 월드아이렌 감사합니다. 수량이 너무 많아 전문가의 손길을 조금 거치긴 했습니다. ㅎㅎ 

We wanted to make something out of the cute 60 cartoons, at the end we decided on Macarons.

Thank you Korean and Overseas Worldren who have helped in the baking. We got some help from a professional pattisier as the quantities was too huge. hehe

 5.   딸기 Strawberries 승기님 최애과일 딸기를 컵에 담아 넉넉하게 준비해드렸습니다. We have prepared Seung Gi's favourite fruit, strawberries in a cup as snack as well. 

 6.   캘리손편지 Hand-written note in Calligraphy 스태프의 이름과 감사메시지를 캘리그라피로 적어 쇼핑백에 달아드렸습니다. 150개가 넘는 정성가득 메시지를 직접 써 준 월드아이렌 감사해요. 너무 예뻤답니다. ^^ 

We have prepared handwritten gift tag with staff's name and thank you message on it. This tag were tied onto the gift bag. We are really grateful to all the worldren who came together to write more than 150 messages. They were really beautiful ^^

▣ 승기님 선물 Seung Gi's Gifts

1.   Silver iPad Pro 12.9” Display with 512GB 드라마 촬영현장에서 사용하시라고 최고 사양으로 준비해드렸습니다. 구매부터 배송까지 도움 준 월드아이렌 감사해요. 울 승기님 잘 사용하시는듯 합니다. 집사부일체 촬영차 베트남 가셨을 때 가지고 가셨더라고요.. ^^  앗싸!! 룰루랄라

We selected the highest specifications (Biggest size and largest capacity) available for iPad Pro in the market so that Seung Gi could use it at the filming site. Thanks to World Airen who have helped from purchasing to shipping. It looks like Seung Gi has been using it frequently, he even brought it to Vietnam when he was filming Master in the House..^^ Yayy!! 

2.   커피머신(네스프레소 New Vertuo) Coffee Machine (Nespresso New Vertuo) 회전 추출로 풍성한 크레마와 깊은 바디감을 주는 커피머신이랍니다.  커피 좋아하신다는 울 승기님 촬영 때 휴대하셔서 커피 한 잔 드시라고 준비해 드렸습니다. 

The Vertuo extraction process naturally extracts a silky and indulgent crema and it also protects the fresh aromas of the coffee. We hope that coffee lover, Seung Gi get to enjoy large cup of coffee during his filming.

3.   슈프림 셔츠 Supreme Shirt 일본에서 보내 온 슈프림 셔츠를 예쁜 상자에 담아 드렸습니다.

Japan Airen has prepared Supreme Shirt for Seung Gi. We have it nicely wrapped in gift boxes.

4.  육공이 인형 60 Plushie 한정판으로 판매되었던 빅사이즈 육공이 인형을 “언제나승기편”으로 항상 옆에 있겠다는 의미를 담은 월드아이렌의 사인과 함께 선물했습니다. 울 승기님 다행스럽게도 큰 육공이는 없다고 하셨습니다. 매번 많은 사인으로 우리를 기쁘게 해주시는 승기님 이번엔 특별하게 월드아이렌의 사인을 보고 재미있어 하셨습니다. ㅎㅎ 

We presented a limited edition 60 (bigger size) with world airen autograph (Always at Seung Gi's side). We are fortunate because Seung Gi said he doesn't own a big size 60 before we presented to him. Seung Gi who always make us happy with his autograph. Mission Success! We made Seung Gi really delighted about this idea. He was admiring the world airen's autograph. hehe

5. World Airen Message Banners

We collected messages from each country and have it printed on the banner. Because of the windy condition, we were unable to tie to a place which would stay still. It was cold and windy. At the end, we held it up with our freezing cold hands when Seung Gi arrived. Seung Gi gets to read each and every single message. He was really touched and he kept saying thank you. He wanted to convey his gratitude to all our worldren who have been supporting him and Hwayugi around the world.

▣ China Airen과 함께 한 영화 서포트 Movie Support with China Airen

1.   궁합 전용 관람권 선물 | The Princess and the Matchmaker Exclusive Movie Ticket Gift 궁합관련 인터뷰시 승기님께서 함께 복무했던 군인들과 영화를 보고 싶다고 하신 이야기를 듣고 부대원들에게 영화 관람권을 선물하면 좋을 것 같아 준비했습니다.  울 승기님 너무 감사하다고 잘 전달하겠다고 하셨습니다. We remembered that Seung Gi wanted to watch the movie with his army colleagues, hence we prepared exclusive movie ticket for them. Seung Gi was surprised and really grateful. He has delivered the tickets safely to the military. 

2.   그 외에도 영화 시작부터 끝까지 예매 이벤트는 계속되었답니다.

영화 예매 써포트에 큰힘을 보태준 차이나아이렌 감사해요. 역시 최고입니다. 함께라서 기쁘고 행복하게 이벤트를 진행할 수 있었습니다. We would like to convey our heartfelt gratitude to China Airen. Your support has been a great help. Because we are together, we are able to carry out happy events happily. 

▣ 그리고 우리 월드아이렌들…. And to our World Airen.... 드라마. 영화. 해외팬미팅까지 계속되는 승기님의 스케줄을 함께 소화하느라 결과 공지가 늦었음에도 월드렌 스태프를 믿고 기다려주셔서 진심으로 감사드립니다.  월드아이렌들이 있음에 항상 든든합니다.  그 믿음에 늘 감사드립니다.  울 승기님도 많이 고마워하셨답니다. 

2018년도 열심히 달리고 있는 우리 월드아이렌들 많이 사랑합니다.

Thank you for your faith and trust in us and thank you for waiting patiently for all the summary reports which was so overdue because Seung Gi has kept everyone busy from drama to movie to Asia FM. We have been running around the world to support Seung Gi and showing love to all our countries worldren. And because of your presence, we felt reassured being with you. Thank you for your support!

Seung Gi too, he is very grateful. 

Let's continue to run hard with all the love from Worldren in 2018!

Thank you gifts have been mailed out to country representatives for distributions. We hope you like them! ^^

Thank you so so much!

 Lastly, Son Oh Gong, Lee Seung Gi message to Airen around the world. Let's get together to admire! hehe

To. World Airen ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I’m always grateful yet sorry. I’m sending infinite affection (along with bullets of love ❤️ ) to our World Airen who have worked hard and devoted all your energies throughout Hwayugi.

To. World Airen ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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