Notice: Lee Seung Gi 15th Debut Anniversary

우리의 스타 데뷔 15주년 이벤트 공지

Our Star's 15th Debut Anniversary Notice

긴 시간 촬영했던 사전드라마 <배가본드> 촬영 종료와 우리의 스타 15주년 데뷔일도 곧 다가오네요. 월드아이렌에서도 15주년 데뷔 축하와 <배가본드> 쫑파티 서포트를 함께 진행하려고 합니다.  

Finally, it is coming to the end of the long-running pre-drama filming of <Vagabond> and approaching us soon is our Star's 15th Debut Anniversary. World Airen will be coming together to celebrates 15th Debut Anniversary and <Vagabond> wrap up support.

- Vagabond Wrap-up Support

LSGKWA will be preparing some gifts to congratulate our star and Vagabond team on the wrapping up for Vagabond filming. After which, LSGKWA will do an overall event summary on Vagabond support where everyone will have fun reading it ^^

- 15th Debut Anniversary

Our World Star has came a long way, don't you agree? To celebrate this event, LSGKWA will be preparing some heart-warming and practical gifts which will warm his heart. Besides that, LSGKWA will also convey our love through our debut activity. Be sure to check out our chat notice regularly and look out for debut activity! You will get to participate in some really fun and dilemma activity where you might need to pull your hair to get through it. =x

1년이라는 긴 시간동안 촬영하느라 수고한 울스타 많이 응원해주세요.

Please support World Star who have worked hard on the set for a year. Let us congratulate him with all our hearts!

◾ 모금계좌: 국민은행 478702-01-240040 김민주(월드아이렌) | 募金口座:国民銀行478702-01-240040

◾ Bank : KOOKMIN BANK (478702-01-240040 Kim min ju(Worldren) | キム・ミンジュ(ワールドアイレン)

◾ Address : 5th FL, Kookmin Bank Bldg, 84 Namdaemun-RO, Jung-gu, SEOUL, South Korea


◾ TEL: +82-10-8713-8529

◾ 모금기간: 2019년 5월 21일 ~ 2019년 5월 30일

◾ Paypal account:

[클릭 후 작성해주세요 - Pls fill up the form after you have made a transfer - クリックした後、作成してください.]

늘 함께 해 주는 월드아이렌 감사합니다.  앞으로도 쭉 함께 하는 월드렌이 되어요~

Thank you for being together with us.

We will continue to be together as World Airen~

List of participating countries

Japan -

Singapore -

Thailand -

China - (请私信询问)

Indonesia -

Vietnam -

Philippines -

Myanmar -

Turkey -

Argentina  -

Ecuador - 


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