Notice: Vagabond Press Conference Support

배가본드 제작발표회 서포트

Vagabond Press Conference Support

월드렌. 잘지냈어요?

리틀이들과 신나게 놀아주는 마음 따뜻한 승기삼촌덕분에 행복한 월.화요일을 보내고 있네요.

승기삼촌이 보여줄 멋진 액션배우 차달건을 많이 기다리시죠?

How have you been, Worldren?

Thanks to Uncle Seung Gi and little children, we get to spend a happy monday and tuesday.

Have you been waiting for Uncle Seung Gi to transform into a great action star, Cha Dal Gun?

드디어... 배가본드 제작발표회가 9월16일로 결정되었답니다. (짝짝짝)

이번에도 팬연합으로 준비하려고 합니다.

월드아이렌들 많이 응원해주실거죠?


Vagabond Press Conference has been confirmed and will be held on16 September. (Applause)

From Vagabond filming to Vagabond FM, we have been showing amazing support, right?

For Vagabond Press Conference, we are planning to join in the Fan Union Support just like the one we did for Little Forest.

Worldren will do this together right?

◾ 모금계좌: 국민은행 478702-01-240040 김민주(월드아이렌) | 募金口座:国民銀行478702-01-240040

◾ Bank : KOOKMIN BANK (478702-01-240040 Kim min ju(Worldren) | キム・ミンジュ(ワールドアイレン)

◾ Address : 5th FL, Kookmin Bank Bldg, 84 Namdaemun-RO, Jung-gu, SEOUL, South Korea


◾ TEL: +82-10-8713-8529

◾ 모금기간: 2019년 9월 4일 ~ 2019년 9월 11일 (Period: 4 Sep 2019 - 11 Sep 2019)

◾ Paypal account:

[클릭 후 작성해주세요 - Pls fill up the form after you have made a transfer - クリックした後、作成してください.]

함께 해 주시는 분들께 작은 선물을 드립니다.

Form 작성시 이름. 주소. 연락처. 우편번호 정확히 기재 부탁드립니다.


We will be preparing a token of our appreciation in return. You may make contribution directly to LSGKWA countries. Item will be send to them for distribution in your country.

Please ensure name, address, contact number, and zip code are accurate before submitting the form.

Thank you.

List of countries who will be participating:

Japan -

Thailand - Singapore - Myanmar -

Indonesia -

Turkey -

Philippines -

Vietnam -


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