Lee Seung Gi Fan Union: Group Purchase of 2020 Debut Anniversary Merchandises

Hi Worldren,

How have you been? We hope everyone is well.

It is the month that everyone gets excited as we prepare our Worldstar's debut anniversary~ Have you been feeling depressed staying at home due to the pandemic situation in your country? There will be a couple of activity line-up but first of, we have something to cheer you up! To celebrate Lee Seung Gi 16th Debut Anniversary, we would like to proceed with Fan Union Debut Anniversary Merchandise Purchase Activity.We received many happy and encouraging responses about the previous merchandise activity and we know a couple of you have missed it. While we are unable to get you the previous items, we have came up with a new limited edition set which is suitable for summer~

Merchandise Item & Price ◾ Limited Edition Set => 1 Set 60,000korean won or USD60 (Foldable Umbrella, Keyring, Cold Cup, 3 Freebies)

◾ Sales period: 2020.05.18(Mon) - 2020.05.22(Fri)

◾ Expected delivery will be from end of June to early July.

The purchase activity may closed early if we hit orders of 500 limited edition sets. We strongly encourage you to purchase it through your country fanclub to save on individual shopping cost. Please check with your country fanclub representative for more details.

Purchase Special Benefits ◾ Individual Purchase - Top 10 buyers (Umbrella with autograph which includes your name) ◾ Group Purchase - More than 20 sets (Umbrella with autograph which includes the fanclub name/individual buyer)

How to Place an Order

1) Calculate the merchandise cost

2) Calculate the shipping cost

3) Calculate the Miscellaneous cost (Bank charges and paypal fee for fund transfer

4) Make a Payment

5) Fill out the Payment Order Form

Merchandise Cost

a. Limited Edition Set - Foldable Umbrella, Keyring, Cold Cup & 3 Freebies - 60,000won or USD60 (While stock lasts)

Shipping Cost

1) Local Delivery Cost (South Korea) - 3000won - 1 order submission will be 3000won - If you purchase more than 2 items and are of two different address, please fill out the form separately. If you purchase two items and is sent to one address, you only need to fill up one form.

2a) Overseas Delivery Cost (Japan, China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, India) - 1 Set : 25,000won (USD25) - 2,3 Set : 30,000won (USD30) - 4,5 Set : 35,000won (USD35) - More than 6 Set : Please email us at 0113lsgfan@naver.com to enquire.

2b) Overseas (Turkey, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Ecuador, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina) - 1 Set : 45,000won (USD45) - 2,3 Set : 50,000won (USD50) - 4,5 Set: 60,000won (USD60) - More than 6 Set : Please email us at 0113lsgfan@naver.com to enquire.

We will confirm the overseas shipping fee upon dispatching the parcel. Should there be a shortfall in shipping fee, we will send email to notify buyer.

Merchandises will be delivered to the delivery information that you have entered, please ensure that the information is accurate before submitting the form.If the delivery information is incorrect, the package may have risk of losing in transit or return back to us. Please make sure is CORRECT

Making a Payment

Please include the following fee before sending payment: Merchandise Cost + Shipping Cost + Bank Charges/Paypal Fee

Overseas Bank Fund Transfer - Name: Woojinhee(우진희) - Bank : KOOKMIN BANK 047102-04-208328 - Address : 120, Taepyung-Ro 2-Ga, Chung-Gu, Seoul, KOREA - CODE(B.I.C) : CZNBKRSEXXX - TEL : +82 10 4763 6680

※ Note: You are require to pay for the bank charges. Please check with your local bank when making a fund transfer.

Paypal Fund Transfer - Paypal Account : https://www.paypal.me/mbyeol0113 or mbyeol0113@gmail.com

※ Important things to note when making Paypal payment - Please pay in USD - Please indicate buyer namepayer name in ENGLISH in paypal notes when paying payment. - If buyer name and payer name is different, please indicate Paypal (paypal emailpaypal name) - You are require to pay for the paypal charges. Please use the paypal fee calculator to include paypal charges. Please select in USD.

You are require to do the fund transfer first before filling out the form.

Payment Order Form

We would appreciate if you could make a fund transfer of merchandise orders first before filling up and submitting the order form for us to verify the details.

To fill up the payment order form, click here.

We look forward to your participation in the Group Purchase of Lee Seung Gi Fan Union 2020 Debut Anniversary Merchandises. ^^

Thank you~


List of countries who is collating pre-orders in their country.

Singapore - https://www.leeseunggi-sg.com/2020/05/airen-activities-pre-order-of-16th.html

Thailand - URL link will be available soon.

Indonesia - https://www.facebook.com/272822022830443/posts/3032141530231798/

Myanmar - https://www.facebook.com/leeseunggimyanmar/photos/a.3795784563796527/3823125571062426/?type=3

Philippines - https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAirenPH/posts/2929169960472303:0

Turkey - https://www.facebook.com/notes/3068647553224199

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