Lee Seung GI Fan Union: Purchasing Guide on Lee Seung Gi's 7th Album 「THE PROJECT」

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

이승기 정규 7집 「THE PROJECT」 공동구매 안내

Purchasing Guide on Lee Seung Gi's 7th Album 「THE PROJECT」

안녕하세요. 아이렌~

5년의 긴 기다림 끝에 발매된 우리의 스타

이승기 정규 7집 「THE PROJECT LEESEUNGGI」 공동구매를 팬연합으로 진행하고자 합니다.

Hi Airen~

After 5 long years of waiting, our star is finally releasing an album.

We would like to invite you to join Lee Seung Gi's 7th album 「THE PROJECT LEESEUNGGI」 Pre-order Activity organised by the Fan Union.

1차 공동구매: 2020.12.03.(목) - 2020.12.09.(수) 23:59 [KST]

1st Group Purchase will start on 03.12.2020 and end on 09.12.2020, 11.59pm (KST)

Item include:



Photocard (3 out 5 random)

+ Thank You Gift from Airen Fan Union (Bonus Photocard - It will not be the same as the set)

[팬연합 공동구매 특전]

◾ 포토카드 랜덤 1종

◾ 최다구매자 10명 (실명 친필사인)

◾ 그룹 특전=> 50 Album(실명 친필사인<커뮤니티명 or 개인>)

[Group Purchase Benefits]

◾ Every Album will come with a thank you gift from Lee Seung Gi Airen Fan Union (Bonus Photo Card)

◾ Top 10 Individual Buyer will receive a handwritten autograph, addressing to your name.

◾ Participating FC/Fan Committees Group Purchase for 50 albums and above, to receive an handwritten autograph addressing either to the fan community or an individual member.

[공동구매 방법 | Purchase Methods]

Ktown4U 공동구매 전용 링크 | Ktown4U Group Purchase Unique URL or

Participating Fanclubs/Fan Communities in Lee Seung Gi Airen Fan Union

[국내 공동구매 전용 링크 | Group Purchase Unique URL for Airen staying in South Korea]


[Group Purchase Unique URL for Overseas Airen]


[Group Purchase with fanclubs and fan communities in Lee Seung Gi Airen Fan Union]

Please check with the respective participating fanclubs/fan communities for more details.

List of Participating Countries under LSGKWA

- Singapore

- Thailand

- Myanmar

- Philippines

- Indonesia

- Turkey

NOTE: Lee Seung Gi Fan Union is not selling or distributing our exclusive Lee Seung Gi Fan Union's Gift to any online stores. 

Please purchase directly from the above representatives.

URL 클릭 후

1) Ktown4U 로그인 또는 회원가입(이름과 이메일 필요)

2) 주문서 작성

3) 주소입력 후 주문완료

4) 주문확인은 나의정보 – 전체주문내역보기 확인가능

After clicking on the URL

1) Sign up or Login Ktown4U website (Require name and email)

2) Fill up Order Details

3) Fill up Shipping Details

4) Confirm your Order and Information - Ensure all information are correct.

※ 비회원 주문은 불가하니 양해 부탁드립니다.

※ 국내링크와 해외링크가 다르니 확인 후 주문 부탁드립니다.

※ 기부공구링크도 함께 오픈합니다.

※ 국내 배송비는 무료입니다.

※ 팬연합 특전(친필사인)을 위해 업체에 구매자 이름과 구매 수량을 확인합니다.

※ You will not be able to place order if you did not sign up.

※ The URLs for Airen in Korea and Oveseas is different. Please confirm before placing an order.

※ The option to donate the album will be available as well.

※ Free shipping in South Korea.

※ For Fan Union Benefits (Handwritten Autograph), please check with participating fanclubs/fan committees.

많은 참여 부탁드립니다. 아자아자 파이팅!!!

We look forward to your participation.

Fighting everyone!!

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