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World Airen Group (Overseas only)

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"System break down

Geunyeoreul bwasseul ttae

She's just so up town

Sonen cafe-latte

Hyanggeutan geunyeo meoritgyeori nallijanha

Nallijanha oo ye

World is slow down

Geunyeol mannasseul ttae

I gotta get down! beam of her karate

Banjjakbanjjak ppuryeodaeneun geunyeo hyanggi

O noga na noga na noga

Amu saenggak eobsi

All I wanna do is this

I can be your slave

I can be your sla-a-ave

Nal gatgo norado dwae mamdaero haryeom

Want you to take your time to

Get to know me

Be my date Just be my date"

So I often find myself singing and dancing to SLAVE...I say sing but I actually mean making up my own words to a language I don't know 😂 I could make out English words here and there. So I Googled the lyrics to Slave this morning and what do I find? LSG is actually asking me to date him 😂😂😂 Other than that, I have no clue what the rest of the words means 🤣🤣

Triantafyllia Loukou


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