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World Airen Group (Overseas only)

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As a early gift we sent you a taste of summer in the middle of the winter happy birthday Lee Seung Gi from Greece..

그리스에서 온 조기 선물 겨울 한복판 여름의 맛을 보내준 이승기 생일 축하해! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PARTICIPATON! Ως πρώιμο δώρο σας στείλαμε μια γεύση καλοκαιριού στη μέση του χειμώνα χρόνια πολλά Lee Seung Gi από την Ελλάδα.. #lsgvoicearoundtheworld#airenconcertforlsg#이승기#leeseunggigreece#leeseunggisbirtday#LSGsbirthday#airenconcertforlsg#lsgvoicearoundtheworld#leeseunggi ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΟΥΜΕ ΓΙΑ ΤΗ ΣΥΜΜΕΤΟΧΗ ΣΑΣ! FOLLOW US: ON INSTAGRAM: Lee Seung Gi Airen Greece 🇬🇷🇰🇷 이승기 아이렌 그리스 🇬🇷💙🇰🇷 @leeseunggi.greece ON TWITTER :Lee Seung Gi Airen Greece 💙(Triantafyllia Lk) @TriantafylliaLk ON FACEBOOK: Lee Seung Gi 🇬🇷🥰🇰🇷 ON Tik Tok : triantafyllialouk DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN MADE AND FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY AND ARE NON-PROFIT. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! MUSIC AND VIDEO RIGHTS BELONGS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS/COMPANIES. credits to the owners.



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